Sector treated as priority in the current scenario of the world pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology has been offering efficient therapeutic answers on high complexity diseases which do not react properly to drug products of synthetic manufacturing source. Aché’s purpose is to gather competencies and assure technology independence, thus, generating more value to society and to business. 

Studies foreseen that in 2020, biotechnology products will be representing 50% of the most sold drug products worldwide. The largest companies of the industry are headquartered in the United States and Europe. In Brazil, the sector is still underdeveloped and is marked by technology dependency with regard to other countries. The scenario for the industry development is still marked by difficulties to the national pharmaceutical industry participation. 


In this sense, Aché signed a partnership with other 3 national laboratories to create the joint venture Bionovis S.A., a Brazilian biopharmaceutical company. 

Bionovis has the research, development, production, distribution and commercialization of biotechnology drug products as the main purposes. 

The investments foreseen might sum up to R$ 500 million in the next 5 years and each partner has corporate ownership equivalent to 25% of the new company’s share capital. 

The creation of this partnership will allow Aché to participate of a new market of great interest to the Brazilian public health, in addition to resulting in technology independence to Brazil in the biotechnology industry. 

Aché is in one more pioneering initiative, establishing its commitment with the science development in the country.