We define as herbal medicines the drug products of plant origin elaborated with standardized extracts. An herbal medicine is elaborated through a complex chemical process, aiming to concentrate active principles of the plant in one extract. Chemical standardization assures the level of active principles to obtain a pharmacological activity.

It is important to highlight the extract standardization requires cutting-edge analytical technology. The process must assure each pill or capsule contains the same chemical profile, the same level of active principles. Therefore, it is possible to assure the phytomedicine conforms to the same 3 criteria featuring a synthetic drug product: efficiency, quality and safety: essential criteria to obtain the registration with the competent regulatory body (ANVISA, FDA, EMEA).

Aché herbal products:

• Acheflan ® (Cordia verbenacea DC.)

• Antilerg ® (Petasites hybridus (L.) Gaertn., B.Mey. et Scherb.)

• Dinaton ® (Ginkgo biloba)

• Kamillosan® (Matricaria recutita L. Extract)

• Liberaflux ® (Hedera helix )

• Remilev ® (Humulus lupulus, Valeriana officinalis)

• Remotiv ® (Hypericum perforatum)

• Sintocalmy ® (Passiflora incarnata L.)

• Soyfemme ® (Glycine max (L.) Merr. Dry extract soy isoflavones).